The award-winning Chicama Country Spa at Glenburn Lodge is situated in the Cradle of Humankind. Step into its calming countryside surrounds for some me-time, couple-time or just the have-to-do- beauty regime items. Our “Vineyard” theme and décor is complemented with the use of Theravine products. The discovery that the anti-oxidants found in grape derivatives are 50 times the strength of Vitamin E and 20 times the strength of Vitamin C with regards to their levels of anti-oxidants, was one of the biggest inspirations for us to use these gems from nature.

With Chicama Spa’s recent 10th year celebration the Spa has been renamed to Glenburn Spa to form a closer alliance with Glenburn Lodge.

The Facilities include:

-  Vanilla Oak & Vintage Bell are our two single treatment rooms with private hydrotherapy baths

-  On the upper level we have the following Spa rooms:

  • Rosé is a double treatment room with private shower
  • Merlot is a double treatment room
  • Pinotage & Shiraz are single treatment rooms

-  In the lower level we have the following Spa rooms:

  • A private Jacuzzi room with a  private garden
  • Cabernet is a double treatment room with a private garden and shower
  • Chardonnay is a double treatment room with a private garden

-  Indoor room temperature pool
-  Breakfast & Lunch Dining area
-  Lounge area/suitable for Spa Parties, Bridal Parties and Stork Teas
-  Outside Terrace with beautiful gardens & country side views
-  Gents and Ladies change rooms with shower facilities
-  Rasul chamber/Steam Room
-  Exclusive Spa Conference Room

Buffet lunches are served outside on the terrace or in the dining area, in quiet surroundings. We offer a selection of fine wines, to be enjoyed during lunch or while relaxing outside and taking in the restful scenery.

We offer the following packages

- day packages
- bridal and special occasions
- exclusive conferencing
- hen parties
- romantic getaways
- cheese and wine evening

Open from 09h00 to 17h00, Tuesday to Sunday.
Alternative times and Monday bookings are available on request email: health@glenburn.co.za

Glenburn Spa is a proud member of the South African Spa Association and strives to align itself with the principles and guidelines set by the association.